Visitor Visa

Tourist Visa Consultant Australia

Tourist stream (Apply in Australia)

This visa offers you an opportunity to:

  • Visit your near and dear ones.
  • Be here as a visitor visa, for a cruise or for any purpose except business or medical type of treatment.

You are getting an opportunity to study or getting master for up to 3 months in total on this visa. But if your main motive for traveling to the country like Australia is studying, a student visa might be more appropriate.

How long you can stay comfortable with this visa

This is a temporary type of visa :-

You can stay for the duration or dates specified on the visa permit letter. We are the one who determines the length of your visa on a case by case basis. Things we might consider when determining your stay duration include:

  •  How long you want to stay in a country like Australia.
  • Why you want to stay in a country like Australia.

You might not be permitted the length of stay you want in Australia. We can permit this visa with one entry or multiple types of entries. If we grant you a visa with multiple entries, you can leave and re-enter Australia on the visa while it is properly valid. It is a condition of this visa that you don’t stay in the country like Australia for a total of more than 12 months in 18-month duration. If you are currently holding a Visitor visa, a Working Holiday visa, a Work and the Holiday visa, and grant of this visa would mean you live in the country like Australia.

Australia for more than 12 consecutive months, you will need to show there is an exceptional situation.

Stay longer with this visa

You can’t stay in Australia longer by extending this visa. You must file an application for another type of visa.

Explore your visa options.

Avail the pleasure to stay with family

You can’t include family members in your visa application. A different type of application must be made for each of the member of your family, including those listed on your passport.

Newborn child

Find out what to do if your child is born after you apply for the visa.

Apply from the visa

The eligible people can apply for this visa from within Australia. If you apply in a country like Australia, you must be in Australia when we make a decision on your application.

You do not hold a substantive visa

If you did not hold a substantive type of visa when you applied in the country like Australia, you must meet other of the criteria.

You have to stay longer than 12 consecutive months

Unless there are exceptional situations that permit the grant of the visa to Australia, we will not grant you this visa if:

  •  you hold a Visitor visa, Work and Holiday visa, Working Holiday visa or bridging visa, and
  •  granting you a Tourist visa would result in you staying in Australia for more than 12 consecutive months

Processing times of visa to Australia

We process:

  •  75% of applications in16 day’s duration
  •  90% of applications in 26 days duration

Your application to Australia may take longer to process if:

  • You don’t fill it in the correct manner
  • You don’t include all the documents we need or we require more information from you
  • It takes us time to verify your personal information

Your obligations

You must comply with all visa conditions and the Australian laws.

If you are living in Melbourne, Victoria, Sydney, Adelaide Street and Perth of Australia and you want to visit Canada then we are here for your help.