AAT Appeals

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The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is actually known as the country Australian tribunal that takes independent merits review of administrative decisions formed under the Commonwealth rules and regulation of the Australian Government. The AAT review decisions formed by Australian Government ministers, departments and agencies, and in limited types of circumstances, decisions formed by the state government and non-government bodies.

What is the AAT in normal terms?

The AAT is the merits review body for most of the administrative decisions by the Federal type of Government. In the year 2015, the operations performed by Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) were deeply absorbed into the Migration Division of the AAT.

In the Migration Division, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal operates as a non-adversarial tribunal to provide feedback by the Department of Immigration. This means that you can be showcased by different types of Migration Agent, but there is one fact that, there is no representing counsel present on the Department of Immigration side. The Decisions are made by different types of tribunal Member who will review the Department of Immigration’s decision and the facts of your circumstances. If you want full counseling about ATT Appeals then consult our Best immigration office Sydney.

Time-frameĀ for AAT

In general words, you must file your appeal to the AAT within the 21 days. However, the type of timeframe can vary depending on the type of decision and the method by which you were notified of the proper decision.
If the appeal is not filed within this timeframe, you would, in general, lose your right to review the situation.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Hearings

When you appeal to the AAT, you have the extreme right to have a hearing. Hearings are generally conducted on the face-to-face platform with the AAT Member who will make a decision on your filed appeal.At the hearing, you have the chance to grab the opportunity to give evidence verbally to offer a helping hand for your case, and you can also call witnesses to give evidence. The Member will generally take the wide variety of opportunities to ask questions to clarify the facts in your circumstances.The hearing of the case can make all the difference between success and failure in your appeal. It is extremely important to be thoroughly prepared for the hearing and in the particular to anticipate possible questions which may be asked by the Member of the Panel.

What can be the Possible Outcomes of AAT Feedback?

The AAT can make a decision to either remit or affirm the thought by the Department of Immigration. If your decision is affirmed it clearly means that the AAT agrees that your visa application for refusal case should have been refused or your visa canceled. You may then have a clear right to further appeal the decision.
If the decision is remitted this clearly means that the AAT does not agree on your point or with the basis on which your application for a visa was refused or visa canceled by the Department of Immigration.In the case of visa refusals, if the AAT remits the decision on your part, your case will be pass back to the Department of Immigration for further assessment. The Department of Immigration sector will then look at any remaining requirements for the grant of the visa.

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